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    The "Stranger Things" Mall Is A Real Place — Here's What It Actually Looks Like

    Strange things are afoot at the Starcourt Mall.

    If you're a fan of Stranger Things then you probably recall Starcourt Mall played a major role in Season 3.

    And did you know they actually dressed a REAL location called Gwinnett Place Mall (in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth) to create the perfect '80s hangout for our Hawkins heroes? Here's what it looks like in real life...

    1. The entrance to Starcourt Mall:

    2. The food court:

    3. The food court from ground level...

    4. ...and the eateries:

    5. One of the entryways:

    6. The second floor:

    7. The escalators:

    8. One of the areas leading to JCPenney:

    9. And finally, the cinema:

    So, there you magic!