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19 Straight Sex Scenarios That Happen IRL But Not On TV

The one where lube is needed.

1. One where the woman needs foreplay before she gets super wet, obvi.

2. One where lube is needed.

3. One where the guy needs to finish the girl off because some women don’t come from penetration alone.

4. One where the guy can't get it up because shit happens and honestly it's not anyone's fault.

5. One where the girl has already climaxed, but the guy hasn’t and now it’s just chafing her crotch like crazy as he tries to keep going.

6. One where they fumble around awkwardly looking for a condom for at least two minutes.

7. One where the girl gets up to pee right after because she doesn’t want to chance a possible UTI.

8. One where they haven’t showered, don't look perfect, and are sweaty with major morning breath.

9. One where one of them can’t finish because sometimes you can’t and you just move on.

10. One where he gives you a towel after.

11. One where he tries and you’re not in the mood and you both move on because you don’t have to have sex if you don't want to.

12. One where the guy’s dick gets bent during sex and he screams out in pain because he thinks it’s “broken.”

13. One where oral is performed with a gag reflex.

14. One where he pleases her first with nothing in return.

15. One where they shower before sex because not everyone wants to have sweaty, possibly body odor–involved sex.

16. One where someone is going down on the other person for a LONG time, but, like, nothing is happening and the person going down now has lockjaw.

17. One where you’re awkwardly interrupted by a pet and you're both totally taken out of the mood.

18. One where you do not have actual intercourse because insertion can be painful for people with vaginas sometimes so you just move on and get each other off in other ways.

19. And finally, one where the girl has to make herself climax because the guy already did and is spent.