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    17 Times Pennywise's Dancing From "It" Worked Hilariously Well With Random Songs

    This will kill you with LAUGHTER. Not, like, down a storm drain.

    If you've seen It, then you probably have a few (if not several) creepy AF scenes permanently burned into your memory — say, like, THIS scene of Pennywise doing a jolly ol' dance to some old-timey circus music.

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    Even if you HAVEN'T seen It (what are you waiting for?!), this is still gonna make you laugh. So buckle up.

    Well, it turns out Pennywise's ~unique~ dancing in this scene works with just about any music. "WTF," you say? The hilarious Twitter account @Pennywise_Dance explains: "Pennywise can dance to anything." Check it out:

    1. Pennywise can dance to A-ha's iconic '80s tune.

    2. He can dance to this club rendition of "Axel F" (aka the Beverly Hills Cop song).

    3. He can even slow it down and dance to Elton John's iconic Lion King ballad.

    4. Obviously, he can dance to the Village People.

    5. And he can even get down with Marilyn Manson.

    6. He can dance to this seminal '90s hit by Aqua.

    7. He can also dance to this version of "Witch Doctor."

    8. He EASILY dances to this mid-'90s nightmare.

    9. "Da ba dee da ba daa..."

    10. He dances oh-so-well to Euro disco.

    11. And, OMG, YODELING?! LMAO.

    12. Jesus, even "The Hampsterdance Song" fucking works!

    13. He can dance to Dexys Midnight Runners' classic.

    14. And even the Vengaboys...

    15. ...Steps.

    16. Fuckin' OutKast!

    17. And the KING himself has even weighed in, requesting Lou Bega's biggest hit.

    Joke and ye shall receive, Stephen.

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