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    So, Aaron Paul May Have Just Revealed He'll Be In "Better Call Saul" This Season

    "Yeah, cameos bitch!"

    If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, i.e. a human with excellent taste in TV, then you know there's been a lot of back and forth about whether Walt and Jesse will make an appearance in Better Call Saul.


    There's been no official confirmation either way.

    However, on Ellen today, IRL Jesse (Aaron Paul), made a VERY INTERESTING slip of the tongue.

    The Ellen Show / Via

    When asked if he'd be reprising his iconic role for Saul he joked that ~maybe~ he already shot his cameo. But then he very honestly said, "WE just...or THEY just wrapped the last season."

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / The Ellen Show / Via

    Excuse me, Aaron..........."WE?!?!?"

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / The Ellen Show / Via

    Now, it is entirely possible that this was just an honest mistake on Aaron's part, but IDK, he sure did say "we" like he had JUST BEEN WORKING ON SET for real.

    And even if Jesse (and Walt) won't be added to the growing list of Breaking Bad cameos on Better Call Saul, we're still CRAZY excited about the upcoming season because it's a damn good show.

    You can check out Aaron's entire probably, maybe, very possible confirmation on Ellen here:

    View this video on YouTube

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