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    Updated on Mar 31, 2019. Posted on Dec 21, 2017

    42 Things Only People Who Have Cats Have Ever Noticed

    The way they steal your seat immediately after you get up.

    1. When your cat lifts their leg up in the air all of a sudden.

    2. When your cat smells its own butt and looks at you like, “Why does this smell so bad?!”

    3. When your cat’s mouth opens up after smelling something.

    4. When your cat makes biscuits on a part of your body…

    5. ...or in the air and you just want to die from the cuteness.

    6. The way your cat’s ears work like little satellite dishes.

    7. How your cat LOVES to lie under a lit Christmas tree.

    8. When your cat plays with a new toy for about 5 seconds, then gets bored…

    9. ...but then gets REALLY excited about a piece of garbage.

    10. How your cat can spot the TINIEST spider from another room.

    11. The way your cat shakes their butt right before pouncing on something.

    12. The way your cat’s paw bends when they’re trying to flick something.

    13. The cute way your cat’s toes hang off the edge of a table.

    14. When your cat looks up in the corner of the room like they’re seeing a ghost.

    15. The way your cat’s ears move even when they’re sleeping…

    16. ...and their tail too.

    17. When your cat’s nose is really wet or dry.

    18. The way your cat will suddenly stop to clean a part of their body.

    19. The way your cat cleans itself IMMEDIATELY after you pet them (in that exact spot).

    20. The way your cat’s lip curls when you give them lovies right by their mouth.

    21. The little crinkle your cat’s nose makes sometimes.

    22. And the funny little hairs that stick out of your cat’s ears.

    23. Spotting random colored hairs in your cat’s fur that are unlike the rest of its coloring.

    24. Noticing your cat has really pretty eyelashes actually.

    25. Catching a glimpse of your cat’s cheek whiskers in JUST the right light…

    26. ...or the ones on their ankles/wrists, too.

    27. Watching your cat’s lil’ belly swing as they jog into another room.

    28. The fact that they act like they’re LIGHT AS A FEATHER right after they poop.

    29. How their legs feel like little sticks stabbing into your belly when they walk over you.

    30. How they like to geeeently put their paw on your face sometimes (usually when they want to wake you up.)

    31. The way their tongue feels like a little piece of sandpaper on your skin.

    32. How they sometimes bite you, but then immediately lick you right after — like, make up your mind.

    33. The way they figure-8 around your legs and rub up on you when they want something (ahem, food).

    34. How special you feel when they flop and show you their belly.

    35. When they are kinda hyper and latch onto your leg and rabbit kick the heck out of you.

    36. When they look super embarrassed after falling off something like the kitchen counter.

    37. The funny wide-eyed look they give when there’s a sudden, loud noise.

    38. The little chatter noise they make when they see a bird outside the window.

    39. The way they can find any sunspot in the house.

    40. The way their spine spikes up if they get spooked.

    41. The way they steal your seat immediately after you get up.

    42. And finally, the way you love them more than you love yourself.

    Sometimes I wonder if I spoil the cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt.

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