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    16 People Who Committed Horrible Crimes Against Pizza

    Cookies on pizza is not okay.

    1. The person who put pizza rolls on I guess what's legally a pizza.

    2. The person who put kiwi — FUCKING KIWI — on this pizza.

    3. And the person who put pickles, which frankly should be outlawed from pizza, on pizza.

    4. The person who gave these dino nuggets a fate worse than an asteroid.

    5. The person who spewed a ranch "message" on this pizza.

    6. The person who made this Frankensteined mess.

    7. The weirdo who made this abomination.

    8. The person who thought pizza made good burger buns?

    9. The person who made this royal mess.

    10. The person who maybe should've kept an eye on this pizza as it cooked.

    11. The person who offended all of us by using ketchup, hot sauce, and crackers to make "pizza."

    12. The person who thought an Ikea themed pizza was a good idea.

    13. The person who thought they were being REAL clever by making ramen pizza.

    14. The person who made this beef Wellington pizza that would CERTAINLY make Gordon Ramsay vom.

    15. The person who ruined not just pizza but also perfectly good garlic fries by combining them.

    16. And finally, the person who apparently wanted a side of pizza with their crushed red peppers.

    H/T: r/shittyfoodporn and r/funny.