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    19 Images Of Thor That Perfectly Demonstrate What It's Like Having A Period

    God of bloody thunder-wear.

    1. When you're sitting on the toilet and the cramps are so bad they're causing you to have diarrhea.

    2. When your period headache sets in and it literally feels like your skull is being crushed.

    3. When it's 8 a.m. and your alarm keeps going off but your body aches so much you can't even move.

    4. When that first huge gush of blood comes out of your vagina and it feels like your uterus just exploded.

    5. When your period diarrhea is so nasty it actually feels hot.

    6. When your pad gets stuck to your pubes and you have to brace yourself to rip it off.

    7. When you finally find that ONE position where the cramps don't feel so bad.

    8. When you move and a sudden gush of blood comes out and you're like, "Did I just bleed through my jeans?!"

    9. When the only thing that makes you feel better is sitting at home wrapped up in your favorite blanket — but then your phone rings.

    10. When a particularly dry tampon is stuck in your vagina and you have to pull on the string extra hard.

    11. When you fall asleep on your sofa for five hours in the middle of the day because your period has worn you out that much.

    12. When you turn your heating pad up to the highest setting because you're willing to burn your whole body up just to make the cramps go away.

    13. When you're so bloated that just about everything you want to eat makes you feel nauseous.

    14. When you feel hot, tired, constipated, and crampy all at the same time.

    15. When you get a whiff of a particularly blood-soaked pad.

    16. When the cramps are so bad all you want to do is lie down, but it's the middle of the day and you have to keep on going.

    17. When you notice a blood stain under the toilet seat and you're like, "How did that even get there?!"

    18. When you and your BFF get in sync and start your periods at the same time.

    19. And finally, when you try to hold in a dreaded period sneeze.