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    Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on Apr 21, 2018

    17 Brand New Period Jokes In Case You're Tired Of Laughing At The Old Ones

    "Sneezing on your period and giving birth to a jelly fish."

    1. This accurate representation:

    2. And this perfect description, too:

    3. This very important question:

    4. This mystery:

    5. This ~mood~ we've all experienced at least once:

    6. This annoying truth:

    7. This relatable feeling:

    8. And this one, too:

    9. This perfect solution (to mansplainers):

    10. This moment, when you're like, "How did you know?!":

    11. This huge relief:

    12. This wonderful epiphany:

    endo_memes_ / Via

    13. This self-realization:

    14. This literal truth:

    15. This cold dose of reality:

    Me: *waking up* This will be another beautiful and productive day!! Period cramps:

    16. This VERY good question:

    17. And finally, this LOL-worthy piece of fine art:

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