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    People Are Making Funny Jokes About Periods Because, Guess What, They're A Never-Ending Nightmare

    "Saying ‘I’m bleeding from my vagina’ instead of ‘I’m on my period’ so men will get uncomfortable and leave me TF alone."

    Periods are literally THE WORST. And if you've ever had one, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    Illustration of blood seeping through underwear from a period

    Of course, that doesn't stop people from making really great jokes about periods, because what better way to cope with misery, right?! Here are some of the best jokes about periods people have made in the last few months on Twitter. ENJOY...

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    day 1 of my period is actually just me fighting for my life

    Twitter: @babyariees


    a man that keeps up with your period is a dangerous man🥹🤣

    Twitter: @miakeiasmith


    Saying ‘I’m bleeding from my vagina’ instead of ‘I’m on my period’ so men will get uncomfortable and leave me tf alone.

    Twitter: @selenaramsawak


    You get off your period and realize that your brain just went back to default settings lol

    Twitter: @overdramatique


    it’s giving ‘sneezing on your period’

    Twitter: @hansmollman / Via Next Level Stuff /


    Where did you start your period ladies? I started mine in a Chinese restaurant and my Dad got the staff to clap for me.

    Twitter: @findingmalo


    just want everyone to know I am working out after a 12 hour shift in ED on day 1 of my period I cannot be stopped today

    Twitter: @av0gadra


    do you ever cry over a video of orcas and then think about how nobody likes you and all your friends hate you and then your phone tells you you’re gonna get your period tomorrow and you’re like ohhhhh

    Twitter: @generalslug


    *Me excited for a trip* My period:

    Twitter: @4hr0min / Via Nickelodeon


    everything about being on your period is gross and uncomfortable, like the barbeque sauce stage at the end of your period ? Is that really necessary?

    Twitter: @mihletshemese


    documentary footage of the day before my period

    Twitter: @monicaheisey / Via @drewbarrymore


    If you die on your period do they take your pad off?

    Twitter: @Goddie_Ke


    Well my kid just screamed “ARE YOU DONE WITH YOUR PERIOD?!” to me in this crowded library, so my day is going pretty good. 😐

    Twitter: @kelly__le


    Sneezing when you're on your period be like😫

    Twitter: @MaposaTasley / Via Getty


    @peachprc I knew a guy who thought during your period, it was the blue liquid they used in the commercials and not blood lol

    Twitter: @HelloCoffee17


    You should be able to skip your period if you haven’t even touched a dick in the last month. Like uterus, baby girl, we both know I’m not pregnant. Can we save the dramatics?

    Twitter: @BlkAssFeminist


    Twitter: @aikohwrites / Via ITC Entertainment


    I'm on my period and i'm already angry asf lmao

    Twitter: @PsychoFreakforC


    "I Can Feel It Coming" in the Phil Collins song But it's about my period The drum solo is when my ovary drops an egg

    Twitter: @Marlebean


    Twitter: @juliettesfang / Via Netflix


    Woman: I need birth control pills to regulate my period, relieve my endometriosis symptoms, and prevent ovarian cysts. Work: That’s not covered by insurance. Men: I need limp dick pills because I have trouble getting boners. Work: If you order by mail it’s free!

    Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt


    day before my period is always one of the most dramatic days of my life

    Twitter: @ChanelMurder


    Twitter: @used_bandaid / Via Jensen Farley Pictures


    being on my period makes me feel like a wounded animal trying to find a nice place to die

    Twitter: @pastelmel0dy


    The way I fear pregnancy even if I’m celibate and my period is late I become paranoid 😭

    Twitter: @NeoRapetsoa


    me checking if i’ve leaked when i wake up on my period

    Twitter: @FIREPROOF91LS / Via Harry Styles /


    my period is late. do you guys think there would be any demand for a reality show that’s like teen mom but it’s “27 year old (who thinks she’s a teen) mom” ?

    Twitter: @baddanadanabad


    “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” had the most absurd premise. I can’t even wear the same pants when I’m on my period.

    Twitter: @ginnyhogan_


    how my tits feel on my period

    Twitter: @lunasofiiaa / Via Madhouse


    If you’re on your period rn I’m so sorry

    Twitter: @raashidaaaa