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16 People Who Did A Thing, But Clearly Without Thinking About It First

"The scariest part about having triplets is being pregnant for 27 months."

1. This amateur Babybel eater:

2. The not-so-handy man who thought ~pouring~ concrete is a one-step process:

3. This mom-to-be who may have skipped biology class:

Lol...wow #thatsnothowthatworks #triplets

At least she'll have a pleasant surprise when she figures it out.

4. The station agents who thought invisible walls could contain smoke:

5. This customer who decided to name his own price:

6. These commercial makers who apparently never use their own credit cards:

7. This sign designer who needs to rethink their latest project:

8. Whoever the hell cut this pizza:

9. And the monster who cut this cake:

10. Whoever thought this was appropriate:

11. This business owner who doesn't quite get the lingo:

12. This woman who is so about to cut her leg off:

13. This very excited aunt (or uncle) to be:

14. This "math is not my strong suit" state fair operator:

15. The person who thought eating an ice cream cone from the bottom up was a good idea:

16. And, finally, this very confused fortune: