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    Posted on Apr 26, 2017

    These Kids Described What God Looks Like To An Illustrator And The Results Will Make You LOL

    “A lion’s head with a frog’s body.”

    Hey, wanna know what God looks like? I can't actually give you an answer to that question, but I can show you this adorable video of a bunch of kids describing what THEY think God looks like. Although, FAIR WARNING: it's extremely cute.

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    In this adorable video from WatchCut, talented illustrator Koji introduces himself to a bunch of cute kids, then asks what they imagine God looks like...

    WatchCut Video / Via

    ...even the ones who don't believe in one.

    WatchCut Video / Via

    He works together with each kid, discussing things like what God's face or body might look like.

    And the results are, unsurprisingly, VERY imaginative...

    WatchCut Video / Via

    And, OBVIOUSLY, there are aliens and an alligator involved, too.

    ...and funny.

    WatchCut Video / Via


    Gotta say, I think all these kids might be on to something here.

    WatchCut Video / Via

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