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17 Images People Who Don’t Have Asian Hair Will Never Understand

There's not enough hair spray in the world.

1. Remembering your childhood full of next-level flyaways.

At some point, hair spray doesn't even help. kwonpic

At some point, hair spray doesn't even help.

2. Knowing this tragedy all too well.

3. Actually getting a SPLINTER from your own hair.

YES, this is for real. tanatomicallycorrect

YES, this is for real.

4. Dealing with an insane amount of baby hairs even as an adult.

SIGH. debbielaimovement


5. Having a lifetime of people tell you "but your hair is so straight and beautiful" when all you want is pretty wavy hair.

Thanks, but ugggggh.
E! / Via

Thanks, but ugggggh.

6. Going through so much hair spray that you wondered if you were single-handedly destroying the ozone.

xkristacosmetics / Via


7. Discovering one more reason to hate working out.

8. Having to actually leave a salon with curlers still pinned in because your hair "needs more time" in them.

George Washington, is that you? jiajia_12

George Washington, is that you?

9. Requiring special accessories to tame your glorious mane...

10. well as special techniques.

StyleSuzi / Via

"Don't do this too often; it's not the best for your hair." :: insert very sad face here ::

11. Wanting to try ~fun~ new hair colors, but hitting so many walls.

12. And, of course, having to bleach your hair (several times) before it's even ready for color.


"Just a few more rounds!"

13. Dealing with the dreaded "brassy" color that inevitably shows up if you color your hair.

14. Bouncing from stylist to stylist hoping that the next one will magically understand how to cut your hair.

15. Realizing you may have a future in comedy thanks to your coif. trolling_jinx

"I can't dance, but my hair can."

16. Hating (but honestly secretly kinda loving) all your baby pics.

Hehehe. It me. themichellewie

Hehehe. It me.

17. And, finally, being able to do a really great impression of the girl from The Ring when your hair gets too long.

Because it's fun to scare your friends. MUHAHAHA.
Dreamworks / Universal

Because it's fun to scare your friends. MUHAHAHA.

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