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    People Shared "One In A Trillion" Moments They Were Actually Able To Capture With A Photo

    If you've never seen a totally red rainbow, a Disney princess magically appear in an ice cube, or the edge piece of Goldfish crackers, well, you're in for a treat!

    Have you ever witnessed a really cool moment or thing that was so unbelievable, you wanted to share it with the world? Well, a bunch of people on Reddit have, and luckily, they happened to have a camera on hand too. Here's what they shared:

    1. This tree that grew over the sign, but under the paint:

    A tree trunk growing under the paint on a closed area sign out in the woods

    2. This shell with barnacles on it that makes it look like an anatomically correct heart:

    a sea shell with barnacles on it

    3. This toilet paper roll that has two cardboard tubes in it:

    a roll of toilet paper with 2 cardboard tubes in the middle, one flattened

    4. These Honda Civics, from four different generations, lined up in order of age and all in white:

    Four Hondas at a stop light

    5. This only red, full rainbow:

    a boat out on a lake, a cloudy night, and a full arc rainbow that's only red

    6. This lil' plant growing out of the carpeting:

    a small weed growing up out of carpeting at the side next to the wall

    7. The silhouette in this ice cube that looks like a Disney princess:

    an iced coffee drink with ice cubes, and inside one of the cubes is the silhouette of a woman with a dress that looks like Ariel from the little mermaid

    8. The way this chip perfectly matches the countertop pattern:

    A nacho chip on a counter that blends in with the pattern of the granite counter

    9. This dried Gorilla glue that was so perfectly solidified it retained the bottle shape after being cut out of the packaging:

    a person holding a bottle-shaped hardened piece of glue

    10. The way the light is hitting this spiderweb and making it look like a CD:

    a spider web in the trees that is shaped like a disc

    11. This old golf ball wedged inside a tree:

    a tree cut into pieces revealing a golf ball that was stuck inside of it, that's also cut in half

    12. This very rare (and very real!) $500 bill:

    an old 500 dollar bill with William McKinley on it

    13. And this 1969 dollar bill with a 00000001 serial number:

    an old one dollar bill saved in plastic

    14. These three girls sitting in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, and having the same colored hair:

    three girls sitting in a classroom teaching piano

    15. This person's hexagon vein structure on their wrist:

    a person's veins shaped like a hexagon

    16. The way this person inadvertently created their kitchen counter pattern with some seasoning on this plate:

    a plate with pepper and other seasonings on it that match the countertop perfectly

    17. The way this frozen mud looks like a painting of a forest:

    frozen mud on the side of a truck with sharp points making a pattern looking like trees in a forest

    18. This edge piece from a bag of Goldfish crackers:

    a long piece of goldfish cracker that's shaped like a rectangle, with 2 goldfish cracker pieces still attached

    19. This little piece of sock fuzz that looks like a flamingo:

    a sock fuzz piece that is pink and shaped just like a flamingo

    20. This lizard just hanging out on a sponge using it as a raft in the sink.

    a little lizard sitting on a sponge in a sudsy sink

    21. And finally, this cute bird that landed on this person's shirt and fell asleep:

    a small bird clung to a button up shirt, just resting

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting