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15 Photos People Shared Of Straight-Up Offensive Kids Clothing

One question: Why?

1. This "I hate my thighs" onesie vs. an "I'm super" onesie.

Twitter: @NameWithNumber

2. These "Lock up your daughters" and "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" children's T-shirts.

3. This "Little man, big ideas" shirt vs. "Little girl, big smiles" one...

Looking 4 kids' holiday clothes this morning @Morrisons Didn't buy anything. I see you don't think much of girls @letclothesbe @PinkstinksUK

Twitter: @RocheJacques

4. ...and also this "King of the castle" vs "Pretty little me" one.

5. This "Run, jump, flip, repeat" shirt vs. "Try, fail, fix ponytail, try again" shirt.

6. This "I only date heroes" and "Future Man of Steel" onesie comparison.

Please RT this sexist set of baby jammies from Target. Boys can be heroes; girls can date heroes. #target #sexism

Twitter: @digiwonk

7. This "I'm not allowed to date...ever" onesie.

8. These "Princess" and "Trouble" tees.

9. These "Nurse in training" and "Doctor in training" mini hospital scrubs.

10. And these "Beauty Salon" vs. "Doctor" coats.

@LetToysBeToys Little girl's beautician outfit, little boy's doctor's outfit. From @ELCtoys # #everydaysexism

Twitter: @bethanyusher

11. This "Future Hooters girl" tee that, EXTRA CRINGE, says "Make 'em drool early" on the back.

12. This "Sorry boys, daddy is my Valentine" shirt.

13. These "Boy genius" vs "Ready for my #selfie" bibs.

14. These masks that were called "girl masks" and "boy masks."

15. And finally, this monstrosity.