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    Jul 31, 2015

    19 Magnificent Mutts That Will Melt Your Ice Cold Heart

    I like big mutts and I cannot lie.

    1. This pair of pals who make the best road trip companions.

    2. This lovable lap dog who's here to help.

    3. This skateboarding mongrel who's cooler than you.

    4. This book-loving bud who has a nose for good writing.

    5. This perky pup who's claimed his stake.

    6. This beautiful lake lover who wants to go for a dip.

    7. This sleeping sweetie who'll protect you from bad dreams.

    8. This pint-sized pal who got a little carried away.

    9. This hound who's just here for the hugs.

    10. This charming co-pilot who likes perching on shoulders.

    11. This piggy backing pooch enjoying a relaxed hike.

    12. This protective best bud who'll always be by your side.

    13. This backseat buddy who's raring to go.

    14. This chill dude who's just hanging around.

    15. This playful pooch who'll go to great lengths just for you.

    16. This funny fido who likes a good laugh.

    17. This adorable dog who's clearly a foodie too.

    18. This motherly mutt whose love isn't restricted to her kind.

    19. And these adorable dudes who have nothing but love to give.

    To learn more about #nationalmuttday as well as embracing, saving and celebrating mixed breed dogs please visit their official site here!

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