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Sorry, But Maisie Williams Was Actually The Best-Dressed Person At The Golden Globes

Game of Thrones may not have won any awards, but Arya Stark still ruled the red carpet.

While everyone collectively lost their minds over some crazy Golden Globes moments last night, our lord and savior Arya Stark, aka Maisie Williams, was busy low-key destroying the red carpet.

She even recognized how much she looked like a Disney Princess, saying, "Channeling Belle with a side order of Tiana."

I don't know what kind of sorcery is happening with her hair here, but it's like Wonder Woman took a day off and Maisie texted her, "FYI, borrowing your bracelets of submission!"

And here's a closeup of that makeup magic to feed your soul for the next few hours.

Oh, and NBD, just a fucking amazing clutch that's cooler than any dragon egg.

Maisie (probably): "Yes, Sophie, bow to MEEEEEE because I am your new many-faced god!"