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    17 Unintentionally Creepy Images That Scared The Ever Living Heck Out Of People

    "Every morning at 11 a.m. or so, a 'window man' shows up and scares the heck out of me. (It's actually my neighbor's chimney)."

    1. Like this chimney's silhouette that looks more like someone creeping outside the window:

    Silhouette of a chimney that looks like a person standing outside a window

    2. This baby seat that makes it look like Dora the Explorer is hiding out in the car:

    A Dora the Explorer carseat

    3. This Thomas the Tank Engine toy just lurking in the dark:

    A toy in the dark

    4. This random poster peeking out to look at you from behind a chair:

    A poster with a woman's face peering out behind a chair

    5. This dog who placed its chew toy bone in JUST the right (or wrong) place to give their owner a small heart attack:

    A dog next to its bone inside a shoe, making it look like a severed human leg

    6. This sunset that looks like a demon rising up in an apartment:

    A bright flame looking light in a mirror outside an apartment building

    7. This snowman just casually sitting like that on a bench:

    A very human-like snowman sitting on a bench

    8. This nefarious-looking balloon that gave its owner a frightful surprise when they woke up:

    A balloon up in the corner of the room with a faint smiley face

    9. These poorly placed boots that scared the person who actually left them there:

    Boots outside of a door

    10. This comforter tossed onto a chair that now looks straight out of a horror film:

    A down comforter tossed on top of a dining chair in the shape of a human

    11. This unfortunately-placed shoe and roll of paper that are DEAD funny:

    A shoe at the end of a roll of paper making it look like a severed leg

    12. This shadow of what's not a spider, but may as well be:

    A spider shadow on a lamp

    13. This creepy AF figure that's definitely a backpack and not an evil entity despite the way it looks:

    A lump on a bed looking like a hunched over person

    14. This coat rack that's apparently not actually a demon waiting to take your soul:

    15. This ball of fluff that looks a heck of a lot like a spider:

    Lint on a sofa

    16. This pair of legs that don't belong to an intruder, but actually some hip waders:

    the bottom half of some waders that look like a person standing in the basement

    17. Finally, this bedding that's bunched up in JUST the right way to look like a stranger sleeping in bed:

    Sheets rolled up to look like a person