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    17 Accidentally Inappropriate Slides And Things That Will Make You Laugh And Say, "Seriously?!"

    Accidentally inappropriate...probably, anyway. H/T r/CrappyDesign

    1. This tunnel that is all kinds of wrong:

    2. This pirate that looks like it's lookin' for some ~booty~:

    3. This Pikachu that looks like it could be giving birth?!

    4. This blow-up tunnel that really puts the "p" in pizza:

    5. This Buzz lightyear that has A LOT to show off:

    6. This elephant that appears to be taking some slippery dumps:

    7. This Donald Duck that could've been positioned better:

    8. This pathway that has quite a strange aPEErance:

    9. This climbing structure that naturally curves to the left:

    10. This disturbing AF zebra thing:

    11. This Frosty the Snowman who appears to have a vaginal-like entrance:

    12. This slide whose ass you can literally walk up into:

    13. This whale slide that looks straight out of a porn:

    14. This banana(?!) slide with an extra long shaft, er, body:

    15. And this clown slide that really didn't need to be THERE:

    16. This elephant that's SUPPOSED to look like it's holding another elephant's tail, but...BUTT:

    17. And finally, this bench (YES, BENCH) that's really something else: