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    21 Things Only MAC Lovers Can Truly Appreciate

    All that glitters is not gold... YEAH, IT'S BETTER, IT'S MAC GLITTER!!!!

    1. When your MAC obsession is so strong, you actually have to put it into an organized form. wakeuptomakeupandbeauty

    Excel-lent work.

    2. When you're literally willing to bypass money and just get paid in MAC makeup.

    Instagram: @love_n_ink_91

    Face chart art.

    3. When you feel that little tingle of joy because your limited edition lipstick collection has started to take shape...

    4. ...which in turn becomes a major point of pride when your collection reaches ~true~ obsession level.

    Instagram: @fallonicious

    :: drools more ::

    5. And when you officially declare yourself a champion because you actually got your hands on a highly-coveted collection. mandidoesmakeup

    "If you can get it from my death grip then you can come and have it, OK?"

    6. When you literally dance because you just found out they're making a collection inspired by one of your fave celebs.

    Twitter: @Nancy_Amina

    "Bidi bidi boooooya!"

    7. When the Amber Lights eye shadow actually makes you feel like a goddess.

    Instagram: @ayumi6532

    "Avert your eyes pleb!"

    8. When you have to commemorate the perfect ombré look you just created with your Ruby Woo lipstick and Vino pencil.

    makeupby_tytiana / Via

    For posterity, of course.

    9. Or when you realize Ariana Grande's Viva Glam lipstick in matte plum is the perfect shade to match your soul.

    10. When you finally reach your favorite store at the mall and feel like you can breathe a happy sigh of relief. msquillia918

    Heaven is a place on Earth.

    11. When you've spent what feels like an eternity staring at your palette in the MAC store, but still can't make a decision.

    Instagram: @shuhua04

    "OK, I'll just buy 'em all then."

    12. When you feel as amazing as you look thanks to the help of an in-store makeup lesson.

    Joey Killmeyer / Via

    But are you as talented as this 8-year-old?

    13. When your cult-like adoration is returned in the most perfect way possible.

    Instagram: @crayonblue

    "You like me... you really like me!"

    14. When you feel a sense of elation from a collection sneak peak.

    Twitter: @MAC_Claire_M

    A pink paradise.

    15. When you can't help but smile because your highlights caught the light just right.

    PatrickStarrr / Via

    Thank your lucky stars. ;-)

    16. When you treat your favorite packaging like art, because you know it's beautiful enough to belong in a museum. phgxx_

    "So do you."

    17. When you look down and all you see is a "beautiful disaster."

    Twitter: @MACcosmetics

    Like a true artist.

    18. When someone says, "all that glitters is not gold" you think, "YEAH, IT'S BETTER... IT'S MAC GLITTER!!!!"

    makeupbyb_rose / Via


    19. When MAC's iconic ad campaigns alone are something that you covet.

    MAC / Via


    20. When you're super proud of the power you wield with your MAC makeup and want the world to see...

    Instagram: @muakayla_

    "I'm ready for my close-up."

    21. ...because you know it'd be a damn shame not to share this level of beauty with the world.