17 Reasons Brick Tamland Was Actually The Best Character In "Anchorman"

    "I stabbed a man in the heart."

    1. When his misfired jokes turned out to be the best thing ever:

    2. When he just wanted everyone to have a good time:

    3. When he decided to ~experiment~ a little in the kitchen:

    4. When he was genuinely apologetic to his co-workers while Ron just sat there... sleeping:

    5. When he wanted to contribute to the discussion even though he had no idea what was going on:

    6. Or when he thought he had something helpful to contribute (but he didn't really):

    7. When he focused on the important things:

    8. When his love truly knew no bounds:

    9. When he made this face to a banana:

    10. When he was ~very~ observant:

    11. When his response to questions were so totally inappropriate:

    12. When he was perfectly willing to be on the wrong "team" just for a good laugh:

    13. When he literally "killed a guy with a trident"...

    14. ...Which, of course, he had no problem admitting to:

    15. When he proved he's not a picky eater:

    16. And finally, when he showed us all that, despite being able to smell menstruation, bears are actually a lot of fun: