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23 Facts About Hospital Ships That Are Honestly Fascinating

Two Navy hospital ships will be part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, so I was curious to learn more about them.

1. So, the United States currently operates two hospital ships: the USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy.

Afp Contributor / Getty Images

They are, quite literally, giant hospitals on a boat.

2. And, in case you hadn't heard, they're being deployed to help respond to the current coronavirus outbreak.

Army Staff Sgt. Edwin Pierce / DOD / Via

However, neither hospital ship will be used to treat patients suffering from the coronavirus. They will be used to take non-coronavirus patient care off the hands of regular hospitals.

3. Originally, these two ships were built during the Cold War with the intent of providing medical service in the event of a "major conflict."

What You Haven't Seen / Via

They're designed to accommodate large numbers of casualties.

4. The Comfort and the Mercy hold an impressive amount of medical space and supplies, including 1,000 beds.

Rhona Wise / Getty Images / Via

For reference, as of 2018, Los Angeles had a total of 19,500 hospital beds.

5. They each have 12 fully equipped operating rooms...

Stan Honda / Getty Images

6. ...and digital radiology services.

U.S. Navy / Via

7. There's also things you might not expect on-board, like a medical lab...

AyaTravelNursing / Via

8. well as a pharmacy...

Zero Mella / Via

9. optometry lab...

U.S. Navy / Via, Smith Collection / Getty Images

10. ...a CAT scanner...

Alex Wong / Getty Images

11. ...and not one, but two oxygen-producing plants.

What You Haven't Seen / Via

So they can produce their own medical-grade oxygen.

12. At "full strength," each of these ships can have a crew of 71 and up to 1,200 doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists.

Stan Honda / Getty Images

Upon activation, the ships are boarded by US Navy medical personnel and loaded with medical supplies and equipment.

13. Other countries have hospital ships, too. For example, there's the Peace Ark in China and the RFA Argus in the United Kingdom.

Xinhua News Agency / Xinhua News Agency via Getty Ima

Pictured above is the Peace Ark.

14. Uniquely, the Peace Ark can even perform traditional Chinese medicine therapies like cupping and acupuncture.

Gregory Boissy / Getty Images

Into it.

15. While the RFA Argus is a smaller ship, having only a 100-bed medical complex on board.

Chris Ison - Pa Images / Getty Images

For the record, the Argus is about 574 feet long.

16. The USNS Comfort, by comparison, is huge. It's almost 900 feet long, which is longer than the length of two football fields.

Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

So...yeah, it's big.

17. Normally, the Comfort and the Mercy sit dockside and are only manned for basic maintenance.

Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

The Mercy docks in San Diego, California, and the Comfort in Norfolk, Virginia.

18. They are a part of the US Navy, but are actually classified as "auxiliaries."

Ishara S. Kodikara / Getty Images

Meaning, they are non-combat support ships.

19. Both the Mercy and the Comfort were originally large oil tankers.

Time Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection via

They were converted to hospital ships in the mid-1980s.

20. More recently, they've been known to go out on humanitarian missions to other countries.

Adek Berry / Getty Images

For example, the Comfort has been deployed to Haiti six times in the past decade for medical assistance.

21. And these international humanitarian efforts can even include veterinarian care!

U.S. Navy / Via

Furry friends forever.

22. Before the Mercy and the Comfort, the US Navy had a number of other smaller medical ships (no longer operational) that served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Sidney M. Schaer, M.d. / Getty Images

This is the USS Repose, a Haven-class hospital ship, anchored in the harbor in Inchon, South Korea in Jan. 1952.

23. And finally, believe it or not, medical ships have been around for more than 200 years — some of the earliest hospital ships were actually converted paddlewheel steamboats used during the Civil War.

Heritage Images / Getty Images

Impressive. Most impressive.

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