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Here's What The "It" Kids Look Like Vs. The Adults Playing Them In "It: Chapter Two"

The Losers' Club casting is now complete!

If you're any kind of It fan — that is, if you're someone who has excellent taste in movies — then I just want to remind you that we will be getting an It: Chapter Two, so GET EXCITED.

Now, just in case you didn't know, It: Chapter Two will take place 27 years later (since, ya know, that's how often Pennywise reappears in Derry) — which means our beloved Losers' Club members will be (about) 40 years old.

The movie's release date is still over a year away (Sept. 6 2019), but they've already started to announce the casting and, I'll be honest, it is like SPOT-ON. Let's take a look, shall we?

Beverly Marsh — played by Sophia Lillis as a kid and Jessica Chastain as an adult:

Bill Denbrough — played by Jaeden Lieberher as a kid and James McAvoy as an adult:

Richie Tozier — played by Finn Wolfhard as a kid and Bill Hader as an adult:

Eddie Kaspbrak — played by Jack Dylan Grazer as a kid and James Ransone as an adult:

Stanley Uris — played by Wyatt Oleff as a kid and Andy Bean as an adult:

Ben Hanscom — played by Jeremy Ray Taylor as a kid and Jay Ryan as an adult:

Mike Hanlon — played by Chosen Jacobs as a kid and Isaiah Mustafa as an adult:

And, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'LL ASK, YES...your beloved Bill Skarsgård will be back to play Pennywise the-sexy-but-he-shouldn't-be Clown.

Get ready to float again in 2019!


This post has been updated to include the casting announcement of Isaiah Mustafa.