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Here's What The "It" Kids Look Like Vs. The Adults Playing Them In "It: Chapter Two"

The Losers' Club casting is now complete!

If you're any kind of It fan — that is, if you're someone who has excellent taste in movies — then I just want to remind you that we will be getting an It: Chapter Two, so GET EXCITED.

Warner Bros.

Filming is set to begin this summer and director Andy Muschietti plans on making it so scary, that he's ACTUALLY said, "Bring your adult diapers."

Now, just in case you didn't know, It: Chapter Two will take place 27 years later (since, ya know, that's how often Pennywise reappears in Derry) — which means our beloved Losers' Club members will be (about) 40 years old.

Warner Bros.

So, we're gonna see a different, older, cast.

The movie's release date is still over a year away (Sept. 6 2019), but they've already started to announce the casting and, I'll be honest, it is like SPOT-ON. Let's take a look, shall we?

Warner Bros.

Beverly Marsh — played by Sophia Lillis as a kid and Jessica Chastain as an adult:

Warner Bros., John Lamparski / Getty

Chastain was the first actor to be locked down for a role (other than returning cast members, like Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise). She was also Lillis's dream pick to play the older version of herself. LOVE. IT.

Bill Denbrough — played by Jaeden Lieberher as a kid and James McAvoy as an adult:

Warner Bros., Gareth Cattermole / Getty

According to Variety, McAvoy was in talks back in April and, with no new news since then, we can probably assume this shit is locked the fuck down. ::Stands and claps::

Richie Tozier — played by Finn Wolfhard as a kid and Bill Hader as an adult:

Warner Bros., Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Wolfhard himself thought it'd be cool if Hader played the older version of himself and, according to Variety, it looks like the Stranger Things star's wish is about to come true! And I am here for this.

Eddie Kaspbrak — played by Jack Dylan Grazer as a kid and James Ransone as an adult:

Warner Bros., Larry Busacca / Getty

No stranger to Horror franchises, Ransone recently starred in the Sinister films as Deputy So-and-So. I really see it!

Stanley Uris — played by Wyatt Oleff as a kid and Andy Bean as an adult:

Warner Bros., Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Bean doesn't have a ton of credits to his name, but he's best known as Greg in the Starz series Power. I haven't actually seen Power, but Bean seems to really look the part?!

Ben Hanscom — played by Jeremy Ray Taylor as a kid and Jay Ryan as an adult:

Warner Bros., Frederick M. Brown / Getty

American audiences won't be that familiar with Ryan, but he's best known for playing Jack Scully in the Australian soap opera Neighbors. Aaaand I'm officially loving this casting.

Mike Hanlon — played by Chosen Jacobs as a kid and Isaiah Mustafa as an adult:

Warner Bros. / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

You probably know him best as "the Old Spice guy," but Mustafa also plays Luke Garroway, a NY detective, in the TV show Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. And now we're blessed to have him join It: Chapter Two and complete the Losers' Club casting!

And, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU'LL ASK, YES...your beloved Bill Skarsgård will be back to play Pennywise the-sexy-but-he-shouldn't-be Clown.

Warner Bros., Bryan Bedder / Getty

Y'all are wild.

Get ready to float again in 2019!

Warner Bros.


This post has been updated to include the casting announcement of Isaiah Mustafa.

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