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    15 Perfect Twitter Reactions To "Glow" Season 2 That Will Make You Smile And Laugh

    "I want to be a part of a wedding that turns into a battle royale."



    Whew, #GLOWSeason2. I wasn’t ready.


    #GLOW Season 2 has all the things I like best: neon leotards, unicorns, robots, musical numbers, squishy feelings stuff, dope-ass eye makeup, that kid from The Sandlot (also, you know, great writing and terrific performances and a whole bunch of complicated, interesting women).


    LIBERTY BELL SNAPPED!!! (Literally)


    Keep seeing people describe #GLOW as a show about a group of women doing a wrestling show + the man that directs it and I am sick of this Bash Howard erasure


    I just saw a female TV character insert a floppy disk into her vagina in order to make her brain work. If #GLOW was actually a thing, I'd fucking watch that shit all day long. #GLOWSEASON2


    Debbie and Bash in their interpretation of corporate wear is everything. #GLOW


    I’ve just finished #Glow & I want to be apart of a wedding that turns into a battle royale.


    is my aesthetic somewhere between these two iconic looks? maybe #GLOW #GlowNetflix



    Everything about Season 2 of @GlowNetflix is amazing, but the most moving part for me is still seeing SO MANY FEMALE NAMES during the title sequence: creators, writers, producers, directors, actors.... it inspires me so much. #GLOW


    Betty Gilpin's talent astounds me at least once an episode. #Glow


    I’m so jaded by queer baiting when a show actually gives me queer WoC I can’t deal. #GLOW


    “Yolarthie,” “Beichain,” “Beilanda?” What would you name this duo? 👯‍♀️❤️ @GlowNetflix #glownetflix #yolanda #arthie


    If they do 20 seasons of #GLOW, the last one can be Allison Brie producing a Netflix show based on the early days of her wrestling career.

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