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    16 Funny Vagina Tweets That You'll Probably Only Laugh At If You Have A Vagina

    Cliterally the best.

    Hey, hi, hello. If you have a vagina and like to laugh, then you've come to the right place. Because these funny tweets about vaginas, vulvas, and more are A+++. BTW, if you like what you read, why not give some of these clever Twitter users a follow!


    Me when my vagina itches in public


    my vagina did a fear kegel


    Today in my history of gender and sexuality class we talked about this illustration of a uterus and vagina from 1605:



    my vagina can bleach underwear and you think you're powerful because your dick stands?


    I named my vagina The Big Lebowski because that rug really pulls the whole thing together


    My vagina looks like an old man's throat so don't even bother flirting with me.


    My vagina is like my body's draft folder. I don't really use it enough and I'm often confused about why I put something in there.


    Gynecologist: Ok Kelley, if you’ll just slide all the way down on the table. My vagina: Oh great, this asshole again? Gyno: Me: Gyno: Me: Gyno: Kelley, for the last time stop making your vagina talk. It makes me uncomfortable. My vagina: Shut up, pussy.


    Someone asked me why I didn’t want any more kids and laughed. Then I laughed. Then we laughed. Then I told them I’d rather have a cursed, rabid bat from the bowels of hell fly out of my vagina and that’s when I was asked to leave the PTA meeting.


    I now refer to my pubic hair as my vagina beard. I will not be taking questions at this time.


    “You know you’re a little pussy, don’t you” - my vagina internal monologue


    Nothing dries up my vagina faster than tan khakis.


    the weirdest thing i do at the gynecologist is, like, hide my underwear under my pile of clothes before the doctor comes in?? like this woman is about to see INSIDE my vagina, but god forbid she sees my thong ??


    My 4-yr old just fell off her bike and said, “I fell and it hurt my vagina, but I got right back up.” New motto to live by, ladies.


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