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    17 Funny Tweets That You'll Only Appreciate If You Love, Love, Love Drama

    "[My Wedding] Me: I do, Guests: Awww, Me: Or do I?, Guests: Ooooo!"

    1. This honest truth:

    When u got gossip on your siblings

    2. This self-reflective moment:

    when you see something funny but you’re supposed to be offline

    3. This soap opera–worthy scene:

    [My Wedding] Me: I do Guests: Awww Me: Or do I? Guests: Ooooo

    4. This tense situation:

    my grandma caught my sister with a boy in her room😭😭😭

    5. This so-bad-it's-good joke:

    [introducing girlfriend to my family] me: this is my girlfriend janine janine: hi wife: what the fuck

    6. This award-worthy acting:

    The face you make when you already knew the T but had to act like it’s brand new information when it gets spilled to you

    7. This dramatic AF moment story:

    today at my bar one guy made fun of his buddy for drinking a blue hawaiian and he goes "I don't give a shit if it's baby blue this is fucking delicious. how's that budweiser taste you basic ass bitch" and then slammed the rest of it and went "FUCK you and your beer Kyle"

    8. This hilariously petty reaction:

    Somebody at work threw my drink in the trash so EVERYBODY'S drink is in that bitch now. We all gone be thirsty today

    9. And this pettiness that's years in the making:

    Lol my mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just of her w/ a bunch of no headed ladies

    10. This art we've all wanted to create:

    I've carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so i could do this once. Yesterday was the day

    11. This nostalgic scene:

    When someone is getting in trouble and the teacher says "The next person who laughs is getting sent to the office"

    12. This neighborly love:

    When you hear people arguing on your street

    13. This no-holds-barred family:

    My sister cropped me out of her profile picture with this caption 😤😤😤

    14. This cold dose of reality:

    White people : black people are doing too much. Wakanda doesn't even exist. Black people : Neither does Hogwarts. White people:

    15. This frank explanation:

    When I say “I’ll let you know”...

    16. This WTF-inducing situation:

    when ur ex who wasn't 'looking for anything serious' gets a new girlfriend

    17. And finally, this reaction that basically sums it all up:

    Me: I hate drama. Me when there’s drama:

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