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    Updated on Aug 9, 2020. Posted on Jul 3, 2019

    17 Summer Comics That Are 50% Relatable And 50% Hilarious

    Summer is terrible.

    1. When going to a theme park in the dead of summer SOUNDS fun, but...ugh:

    2. When swimming in a lake is actually the scariest thing you could possibly do:

    3. When you're so damn pale from winter it's almost dangerous:

    4. When a fucking cold ruins it all for you:

    5. When your swimsuit expectations turn out a ~little~ different in reality:

    6. When summer holidays are actually the worst...for pet parents, anyway:

    7. When personal grooming just becomes TOO MUCH work:

    8. When your summer plans involve going to the read, not to swim:

    9. When you refuse to change your ways just because the weather has changed:

    10. When you go a little overboard with the sunscreen...

    11. ...and somehow *underboard*, too:

    12. When it's just way too hot out to touch the ones you love:

    13. When you never know quite how to dress for shopping in the summer:

    14. When relief from the heat actually brings you to tears:

    15. When your car turns out to be the most dangerous place:

    16. When the weather absolutely refuses to work with you:

    17. And finally, when you remember why the ocean is the worst:

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