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    19 Funny Period Tweets That Made Me Laugh For A Hot Second

    Nothing like having a period during quarantine.

    Well, hello there. If you're like me and you hate periods with a passion, then you've come to the right place. Because these funny period tweets are here to comfort you like two Tylenols and a heating pad.


    me single, on my period, and in quarantine thinking about the sex i could never have.


    @iSmashFizzle I'd like to furlough my period during this difficult and unprecedented time


    I think it’s rude that my uterus doesn’t understand we are in a pandemic and still gives me my period. I’d like to talk to the manager pls



    fuck my period dude, i just cried over a DIY dresser tutorial


    My period loves doing a lil encore: I’ll get to the last day and be like yay it’s done and then two days later it’s like “HOW ABOUT ONE MORE??!?”



    My period came back just to remind me how long it’s been


    If I could combine my period boobs with my post-period, post giant-shit stomach, and my legs from when I was 17, I would have the perfect body


    “God if I see my period I’ll never have sex again ”


    i feel like i’m always “getting my period,” it’s like one week of feeling normal. what the fuck is this. i should be paid for having a uterus tbh


    every time I get my period I have a huge sigh of relief because I really don’t know what I would do if I was a teen mom, then I realize I am 25 years old


    when I think I’m getting my period again but it turns out I’m just ovulating so I hurt three weeks out of the whole month for no reason, how are y’all


    I feel like I am always negative about my period so I'd like to spread some positivity this month: period tiddies


    Literally me during my period:


    shit is so fucked up that I woke with my period & I was like “is this a symptom”


    Spotting is such a scam. ARE YOU MY PERIOD OR NOT STUPID BITCH?!?!



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