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    45 People Who Were Hilarious As Heck About Periods

    "When you get out the shower on your period, it's a race between you, time and gravity."

    It probably goes without saying that periods are the absolute worst. Of course, just because they're ~the worst~ doesn't mean we can't laugh about them, too, right?!

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    So, I rounded up some of the best and funniest tweets about periods that I've seen recently, and here are the best of the best. ENJOY!

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    I'm complaining about my period extra hard this month because of this dude.

    Twitter: @BiddyCross
    text from a guy saying that periods are 100% women's fault and they shouldn't complain


    When you get out the shower on your period, it's a race between you, time and gravity

    Twitter: @Hennessy_girl_


    Twitter: @PallaviGunalan / Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection


    When you think you got your period but it was just this

    Twitter: @onahaya_bin


    love the day after your period ends when u wake up and u want to live and u have so many ideas about how to improve this country's roads and bridges

    Twitter: @ameliaelizalde


    The feminine urge to tweet about how much you hate periods, every time your period arrives.

    Twitter: @t0nit0ne


    No one: Your period when it sees your skin glowing and thriving:

    Twitter: @BeautyonTApp


    peeing on your period

    Twitter: @eyecrusties


    Yo i swear getting your period 1 week before vacation has to be the best feeling evaaaaaaa 😂 lmaooooooo

    Twitter: @DamnBeautifulxo


    No one: Me on day 1 of my period:

    Twitter: @ccochrane98


    you should really be able to opt out of your period. Unsubscribe!

    Twitter: @NishaJayy


    My body: hey can we have a baby this month? Me: no My body when my period comes:

    Twitter: @sfergs_


    i survive my period cramps without pain killers are u scared of me now

    Twitter: @tahiyawho


    sneezing on my period is not a game i like playing

    Twitter: @alyssasinesy


    i missed my period this month ... Lord pls don’t tell me you taking me out the game

    Twitter: @khilanii


    Twitter: @HIROANGELLL


    @JojoNoelleMA @dontsmileattee “I caught my period” told me all I needed to know 😂 poor sis

    Twitter: @KiarraLe_


    The greatest lie ever told is that anyone puts in a tampon this way

    Twitter: @JessicaValenti


    I know it’s almost time for me to get my period when I’m crying watching Godzilla vs King Kong

    Twitter: @dannellamunoz


    I’m truly incapable of doing anything while I have my period as well as the two weeks before I have my period in addition to the two weeks after I have my period

    Twitter: @ladyefron


    me on my period trying to see whether is there really a leak or im just imaging it:

    Twitter: @mikro_kosmos_


    me trying to walk with my period cramps twisting my stomach up

    Twitter: @grandebossanova


    the scene in AHS where emma roberts twirls around and flicks her cigarette saying “surprise, bitch, i bet you thought you’d seen the last of me?” is what the final days of periods are like, when you think you can just wear underwear again

    Twitter: @milkstrology


    the feminine urge to rip out my uterus while i'm on my period

    Twitter: @kihachuu


    We love to forget that our period comes every month dont we. We love to feel all our little emotions and wonder where it’s coming from and say “ohhh of course I have my period” and then do the same exact process about 4 weeks later don’t we

    Twitter: @Brocklesnitch


    i wish my uterus and i could schedule my period together as a team

    Twitter: @tessplease


    Every single time I get my period I am shocked, affronted. Seriously? We’re doing this again?

    Twitter: @NayukaGorrie


    Twitter: @anxloveslove


    Twitter: @MsOxtail


    Well if you didn’t want to hear me talk about my period maybe you shouldn’t have made eye contact with me

    Twitter: @aligarchy


    Every time I think I’m not doing well enough in life and I’m ugly with a disgusting body here comes my period..... like of course it was you I should have known

    Twitter: @lovedoveclarke


    I am wearing white pants and it’s the second day of my period you cannot name a person alive who is braver than I am

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    Can tampon companies make quieter wrappers because my kids keep thinking I’m sneaking candy into the bathroom and I’d like for that to stop…

    Twitter: @darafaye


    minor inconveniences when you’re on your period:

    Twitter: @chloehuttonv


    “Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” -me every time I get my period

    Twitter: @alyssalimp


    If you can survive day 2 of ur period you can survive anything

    Twitter: @3dLooks


    Once a month I carry on the tradition of being absolutely blindsided by my period

    Twitter: @CarmenLagala


    Do I have a headache because I’ve had 1 sip of water today or not real food or lack of sleep or reading too much or stress or my period or the storm rolling in or I slept weird or I’ve been laying on the couch in a dumb position or-

    Twitter: @betht_the


    Twitter: @DivijaBhasin


    Having terrible period cramps & tryna push through at work is definitely an extreme sport.

    Twitter: @___JLove


    @divinaxo I got my period in the middle of our date and when I told him I needed to get up and find the nearest CVS he asked me if I could hold it in……

    Twitter: @sophielovexhoe


    Is my period coming or do I genuinely hate everyone and everything? Find out next week on ‘I’m Tired of Being a Woman’!

    Twitter: @mabintou


    *plans dick appointment* my period:

    Twitter: @iamlexstylz


    hate it when ppl make me laugh on my period like bch stop u made me ink😭

    Twitter: @YCP4EVRRR


    Twitter: @romanrochelle