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    16 Boyfriends Who Went The Extra Mile For A Laugh, And Deserve A Small Round Of Applause

    *Sarcastic tone* Ha. Ha. Ha.

    1. Like this The Office–loving boyfriend:

    Boyfriend gave me this poster of Prison Mike made entirely of pictures of us 💜 from DunderMifflin

    2. This boyfriend who is a very good listener:

    Girlfriend sleep-talks a lot. I write down the best ones when I can. from funny

    His notes read:

    I want the little clay things that are spread all around.

    I can't do anything right now, I'm in the middle of cups.

    We can't make the other one we don't have the bigger machine.

    Some random person is testing me.

    I need more feet.

    You're not worthy of my trust.

    I feel like I have keyboards stuck to me.

    How much left until the map is finished.

    I can't remember why you were going to swap the apples.

    Give me the flavorful items.

    I can't fall asleep I'll get in trouble. Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed.

    The parmesan doesn't go like that.

    3. This boyfriend who just had some wholesome fun:

    My boyfriend is taking care of my cat for me. I asked how it was going and he sent me this. from funny

    4. And this boyfriend who had some not-so-wholesome fun:

    Girlfriend left me and the dog home alone for the weekend. First thing I sent her. from funny

    5. This boyfriend who thinks he's a comedic genius:

    i am Sick and james asked if i wanted toast so i requested “plain toast” twitter, he made me PLANE toast

    Twitter: @schemeaoc

    6. And this boyfriend who is honestly rude:

    My sister asked for a Nintendo Switch for Xmas... her boyfriend must have misunderstood from Wellthatsucks

    7. This boyfriend who went BIG when pulling a prank:

    My friend played a prank on his girlfriend. She has a night vision motion-activated camera setup in a quest to treat a sick coyote. She checks the footage every morning religiously. He rented a Sasquatch outfit and walked around the camera at 4 am. from funny

    8. And this boyfriend who went small for his prank:

    My girlfriend has recently had a bug problem in her apartment. She's drunk and went to the bathroom. I'm about to be single. from funny

    9. This boyfriend who thought he could get away with this (and did for a bit):

    My gf put the quote on the left, it took her 2 weeks to realize I changed it. from funny

    10. This boyfriend who was on the cat's side:

    Can a girl poop in peace? My bf & our cat! from funny

    11. This boyfriend who took a photo at JUST the right angle:

    Caught my girlfriend doing her makeup this morning. from funny

    12. And this one, too:

    photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me from funny

    13. This boyfriend who just wants to liven up a boring meeting:

    I asked my boyfriend to join my Zoom meeting to critique my assignment presentation. from funny

    14. This boyfriend who likes to do an extra good job:

    My boyfriend goes a little overboard with vacuuming.. and always talks about posting on this sub but never does. So here it is! from oddlysatisfying

    15. This boyfriend whose jokes inadvertently went too far:

    Farting boyfriend causes neighbors to call police from funny

    16. And finally, this boyfriend who thought he was OH-SO-FUNNY:

    BBQ Chicken Pizza customizations: Please send me an extra empty box that has "whatever" written in big letters in it because that's what my girlfriend said she wants.

    H/T r/funny

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