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    You Haven't Lived Until You've Tried Fluff

    Fluffernutters forever.

    People recently discovered that the sweet, sweet manna known as Fluff is the most "American" food ever.

    flufffestival / Via

    Beware of imitation "marshmallow cream" spreads!

    Because, as it turns out, you can find it in the "American food" section of just about every international grocery store.

    SilentGinGhost / Via

    Look at that lovely bottle of Fluff smack-dab in the middle WHERE IT BELONGS.

    And, TBH, this makes perfect sense because along with jazz and baseball, Fluff is MAYBE our greatest achievement as a country.

    eva_asnicarina / Via

    In case you're not familiar, Fluff is essentially a marshmallow cream made from sugar, egg whites, and vanillin (artificial vanilla extract) and it looks like something straight out of a '50s cookbook.

    Durkee-Mower, Inc. / Via

    Although, in reality, Fluff has been around for about 100 years.

    But, for real, it tastes damn good. Particularly with plain ol' bread.

    roadtrip_newengland / Via

    An offering to the food gods.

    Although the BEST way to eat it is with peanut butter in a sandwich. It's what classical Fluff-lovers call a Fluffernutter.

    deliahrimkus / Via

    Toasted bread optional.

    Eating a Fluffernutter has been scientifically proven* to instantly transport Fluff lovers RIGHT back to childhood.

    pattiwelsh / Via

    *This is a lie, but it MAY AS WELL be true.

    Especially if you're from New England.

    flufffestival / Via

    Bobby Orr divin' for that wicked good Fluff outside the Boston Gah-den!

    But the American culinary dream doesn't stop there.

    You can make a ~fancy~ Fluffernutter with fruit...

    prettyontrack / Via


    ...or a ~super-duper fancy~ Fluffernutter with caramelized bananas, bacon, and griddled bread.

    rosebudkitchen / Via

    Double yes.

    You can add Fluff to bacon fries.

    theindo / Via

    Because WHY THE HECK NOT?!

    There's a boozy Fluffernutter milkshake that consists of all your dreams come true.

    rosebudkitchen / Via

    Mini Fluffernutters? Ded.

    Or you can just eat it right out of the jar because LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT.

    batekd / Via

    No shame.

    Fluff is so wonderful there's even a STRAWBERRY version you can fall in love with, too.

    gingerellen1 / Via

    Equally as yummy.

    Fans have been known to dress up as Fluff for, yes, an actual Fluff Festival.

    flufffestival / Via


    And you can even low-key wear your appreciation for Fluff with one of these bad boys.

    Loyal Supply / Via

    Get your very own Fluff pin for a mere $8 right here.

    In fact, Fluff is so effing awesome that ASTRONAUTS have brought it into space because, obviously, a true fan cannot live without a Fluffernutter...even in zero G.

    NASA / Via

    Think about that...Fluff has been to space and you haven't.

    So, let's just take a moment to reflect and to appreciate the Captain America of foods: Fluff.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFede / Marvel / Durkee-Mower, Inc.

    We salute you.