You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried Fluff

Fluffernutters forever.

1. People recently discovered that the sweet, sweet manna known as Fluff is the most “American Food” ever.

flufffestival / Via

Beware of imitation “marshmallow cream” spreads!

2. Because, as it turns out, you can find it in the “American Food” section of just about every international grocery store.

SilentGinGhost / Via

Look at that lovely bottle of Fluff smack dab in the middle WHERE IT BELONGS.

3. And, TBH, this makes perfect sense because along with jazz and baseball, Fluff is MAYBE our greatest achievement as a country.

eva_asnicarina / Via

4. In case you’re not familiar, Fluff is essentially a marshmallow cream made from sugar, egg whites, and vanillin (artificial vanilla extract) and it looks like something straight out of a ’50s cookbook.

Durkee-Mower, Inc. / Via

Although, in reality, Fluff has been around for about 100 years.

5. But, for real, it tastes damn good. Particularly with plain ‘ol bread.

roadtrip_newengland / Via

An offering to the food gods.

6. Although the BEST way to eat it is with peanut butter in a sandwich. It’s what classical Fluff-lovers call a Fluffernutter.

deliahrimkus / Via

Toasted bread optional.

7. Eating a Fluffernutter has been scientifically proven* to instantly transport Fluff lovers RIGHT back to childhood.

pattiwelsh / Via

*This is a lie, but it MAY AS WELL be true.

8. Especially if you’re from New England.

flufffestival / Via

Bobby Orr divin’ for that wicked good Fluff outside the Boston Gah-den!

9. But the American culinary dream doesn’t stop there.

10. You can make a ~fancy~ Fluffernutter with fruit…

prettyontrack / Via


11. …or a ~super duper fancy~ Fluffernutter with caramalized bananas, bacon, and griddled bread.

rosebudkitchen / Via

Double yes.

12. You can add Fluff to bacon fries.

theindo / Via


13. There’s a boozy Fluffernutter milkshake that consists of all your dreams come true.

rosebudkitchen / Via

Mini Fluffernutters? Ded.

14. Or you can just eat it right out of the jar because LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT.

batekd / Via

No shame.

15. Fluff is so wonderful there’s even a STRAWBERRY version you can fall in love with, too.

gingerellen1 / Via

Equally as yummy.

16. Fans have been known to dress-up as Fluff for, yes, an actual Fluff Festival.

flufffestival / Via


17. And you can even low-key wear your appreciation for Fluff with one of these bad boys.

Loyal Supply / Via

Get your very own Fluff pin for a mere $8.00 right here.

18. In fact, Fluff is so effing awesome that ASTRONAUTS have brought it into space because, obviously, a true fan cannot live without a Fluffernutter…even in Zero G.

NASA / Via

Think about that…Fluff has been to space and you haven’t.

19. So, let’s just take a moment to reflect and to appreciate the Captain America of foods: Fluff.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFede / Marvel / Durkee-Mower, Inc.

We salute you.

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