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    "Family Style" Is A Heartwarming Food Show That's As Cute As It Is Droolworthy

    Great, now I'm hungry and I'm crying.

    If you're any kind of fan of food and pop culture, Family Style is going to make you very, very happy...and hungry.

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    Family Style features a group of Asian friends and celebrity guests exploring the connection of food, family, culture, and community through heartwarming stories and delicious meals. It's basically food porn and fun storytelling all in one!

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    Here's a trailer to get your tummy grumbling:

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    And, in case you're wondering, the first two episodes of this season were shot pre-COVID-19, but later episodes were shot remotely at home and finished virtually and safely!

    Some of the stories you'll see include Bruce Lee's daughter, producer Shannon Lee, revealing that her famous father didn't like to eat spicy food because it made him sweat too much.

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    All while dining on some nostalgic comfort food at Asian eatery Warrior in Hollywood — which I wish I could eat myself right now.

    Director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6, Star Trek Beyond) recounts growing up in Southern California working in his parents' fish & chip shop.

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    Lin also talks about the first time he was able to see his father outside of the shop during the day — away from the fluorescent lighting — while they visited him on the set of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. (The story will make you tear up!)

    And DC Arrowverse heroes Osric Chau (“Crisis on Infinite Earths”) and Chantal Thuy (“Black Lightning”) talk about their journeys into vegetarianism and veganism over some drool-worthy meals at vegan Vietnamese restaurant Âu Lạc in Los Angeles.

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    You too will crave salt and pepper yam shrimp after this episode. FAIR WARNING.

    Other guests this season include Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why, Riverdale), Jim Lee (Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics), Danny Pudi (Community, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet), Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley, Space Force), and so many more!

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    The list goes on, my friends.

    So pull up a chair (or your sofa) and get ready to dig in because Season 2 of Family Style premieres on Sept. 8 on, YouTube, and Facebook.


    And if you want to get caught up before Season 2 premieres, be sure to check out Season 1 on all those same platforms, too!

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