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16 Images That Are A Real Eye-Opener For People Who Had No Idea

You know nothing...everyone.

1. Did you know you can use McDonald's cup lids as coasters?

since when do McDonald's cup lids fit as a coaster 👀

Via Instagram: @bicknailey802


2. And, OK, not just McDonald's, but most fast-food drink-cup lids?

Drink lids can also be used as a coaster, this has genuinely blown my mind


3. Have you ever noticed that there's an "LC" pattern hidden in the Little Caesars logo?

4. And did you know that the Chicago Bulls’ logo upside down looks like a robot having sex with a crab?

5. Did you know that Forest Whitaker has a brother named Kenn who's also an actor and looks EXACTLY like him?

I've been confused my whole life. These are two different people. Both Actors but two different people. Meet Kenn Whitaker and Forrest Whitaker😣🤔

6. Did you know the green Haribo Goldbears are STRAWBERRY flavored?!

7. Did you know you can do a "bounce test" to check if your batteries are full or not?

8. Did you know some stores use this "trick" to make it look like the displays are stacked perfectly?

9. Was this something that ever occurred to you?

10. Did you know you can unfold your takeaway box into a plate?

11. Did you know that you can use the tall "flap" on your fries box to put ketchup (or whatever) on it?

12. Or that you can "unfold" a paper dipping cup for wider dipping access?

13. What about the fact that you can use a Dairy Queen sundae lid to keep your hand from getting cold?

14. Also, did you ever realize how much sense this makes?

15. Bet you didn't know that baby rabbits are called KITTENS?!

16. And finally, did you know this simple math trick?!?!