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Everyone Made The Same "Harry Potter" Joke During "Game Of Thrones" And, Frankly, They're All Good

"Sam is trying to get permission to go into the Restricted Section..."

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While everyone collectively lost their shit over the return of the best show on TV – aka Game of Thrones – a silent hero worked his way through a lot of shit (literally).


Now, the last time we saw our sweet Samwell Tarly he was lookin' up all doe-eyed at the beautiful Citadel library! Because who the fuck wouldn't at that marvelousness?

Of course, since then, things haven't gone as ~glamorously~ for him as he'd maybe hoped.


Aside from all the NASTY stuff he's been dealing with, no one will give him a damn break! Which is ridiculous because the guy has killed a White Walker MAY I REMIND YOU ALL!!!

But, Samwell did catch a glimpse of a very special place, i.e. THE RESTRICTED SECTION of the Citadel's library.


Not that he was granted access, but obviously we all know he dealt with that his own way (GO SAMWELL!).

And everyone had THE SAME joke to make about it, particularly when Jim Broadbent (AKA Professor Slughorn) showed up!


Here's a gif of what Sam was just doing... #GameOfThrones

Doesn't Samwell Tarley know he needs an invisibility cloak to get into the restricted section #GameOfThrones

I said no restricted section Samwell #GameOfThones

Mischief managed, Samwell.