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Ed Sheeran Says No One Wants To See Him Come Back To "Game Of Thrones"


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If you're a Game of Thrones fan, then chances are you haven't yet forgotten Ed Sheeran's cameo in the Season 7 premiere as an Arya Stark-befriending, campfire-singing, Lannister soldier.

At the very least, you'll remember all the ~controversy~ surrounding Sheeran's appearance. Because some people really were not here for it...

things i cant forgive GoT for, ranked 5. killing margery 4. killing oberon 3. red wedding 2. ramsey rape 1. ed sheeran

#GameOfThones writing room: "Ok we're beyond the books, we have creative control" "Concept: Ed Sheeran camping in the woods singing a song"

...while others were like, "What's the big deal?"

Fuck everyone who didn't like Ed Sheeran's game of thrones cameo. It was good! I loved it. #GameOfThrones


I don't get why people are upset about Ed Sheeran in #GameofThrones. I didn't know it was him until after, and thought he was very good.

But, guess what? Ed now wants Game of Thrones fans to know that his character is probably dead. Speaking with MTV, Sheeran said,

"We were all quite young, those soldiers. I doubt I'm going to survive for that long, to be honest, when there are dragons in the world."

And when asked if he WOULD come back to the show he explained,

Nah, I’ve done it now. No one wants to see me come back. [...] My whole thing was like I didn’t want to be in it that long, because…I’m not an actor. I wanted to be in it for 30 seconds or whatever. Which, I kinda was. So, happy days.

So, there you have it. We won't be seeing Ed Sheeran back in Westeros for the final season.

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Which, TBH, is a good thing only because there is so damn much to wrap up and ZERO TIME left for singing!