31 People Who Did A Dumb Thing, And Had The Audacity To Just Go With It

    Some people really just don't care.

    1. Like the TikTokers who put their phone on a conveyor belt enough times to warrant this plea:

    2. And the landlord who thought this was a good idea:

    3. The contractor who put this elevator together:

    4. The roommate who saw mold, then doubled down:

    5. The person who said, "Welp, guess this is what they wanted," while making this sign:

    6. The builder who made this mess:

    7. The person who did this dumb thing:

    8. The contractor who maybe shouldn't be a contractor:

    9. The person who thought no one would notice this:

    10. The landlady who really DGAF, even with her own property:

    11. The person who made this small, but truly annoying mistake (look toward the middle, bottom, right):

    12. And the person who made this mess:

    13. The person who fashioned this useless sanitizer station:

    14. The retail worker who needs a little more guidance:

    15. The person who designed this training program:

    16. And the dum-dum who made this test:

    17. The person who is OK with their laptop being like this:

    18. The rude designer who decided women's pockets should be virtually useless:

    19. The nature-hater who created this mess:

    20. This improviser who made a choice (the wrong choice) and ran with it:

    21. The creative monster who made this:

    22. This person who reallllly needs to change their ways:

    23. The contractor who made this awful decision:

    24. The person who built this headache of a shower:

    25. The engraver who was apparently on autopilot when they did this: