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    17 Hair Problems Blondes Will Never Understand

    Dark hair, don't care... Well, OK, I care a little.

    1. Having to choose between showcasing your face or your hair.

    2. Or watching your head disappear altogether.

    3. Spending hours on end braiding your hair only to have it be nearly invisible.

    4. What your shower routine looks like on the first day of summer.

    5. Actually having to make monthly waxing reminders.

    6. Being able to notice gray hairs WAY, WAY too easily.

    7. Wanting to try a fun mascara color but knowing it'll never show up on your dark lashes.

    8. Feeling the Sun's wrath on your head the moment you step outside on a beautiful day.

    9. Attempting to color your hair without bleach and watching it turn out a totally different shade.

    10. Feeling like your fun hair colors never turn out quite as well as your lighter-haired friends'.

    11. Worrying if all the bleach required to actually lift your hair to a lighter shade is really even worth it.

    12. And then constantly dealing with root touch-up just to maintain your look.

    13. Or having to impatiently wait through your "growing out" period.

    14. Always having to be the "Gretchen Wieners" when your friends decide to do a group costume at Halloween.

    15. Looking like a grandma when you use dry shampoo.

    16. Or looking like you have a severe dandruff problem when it's really just a shimmery hairspray.

    17. And finally, never being able to get away with a clean bathroom floor for more than two seconds.