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    16 Funny Comics About Boobs You're Not Allowed To Read Unless You Have Boobs

    Gotta hold dem boobs while running down the stairs!

    1. When you look forward to this moment every day...

    2. ...and REALLY relish in this feeling:

    3. When you're having a good cleavage day:

    4. When shopping for a new bra is the WORST:

    5. And when actually trying one on feels like an eternal mess:

    6. When strapless bras seem 1000% pointless:

    7. When you need the extra support:

    8. When your bra actually comes in handy:

    9. When you could probably eat an entire meal from your bra:

    10. When you're a human with big boobs:

    11. When you lay on your back:

    12. When your pajamas decide to misbehave:

    13. When your sports bra basically feels like a trap:

    14. When summer really gets going:

    15. When you do ~the lean back~ to avoid an awkward moment:

    16. And finally, when you come to this realization:

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