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    21 Things You’ll Only Get If You’ve Given Up Wearing High Heels Entirely

    Flat out awesome.

    1. There was a time in your life where it was impossible to find you NOT wearing heels.

    alexa_go / Via

    2. You often thought, "Honestly? The higher, the better."

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    3. And it was RARE to see you anywhere without heels on.

    acrazycatlady / Via

    4. Because you felt pretty indestructible when wearing heels.

    LadyTotesMcGoats / Via

    5. Frankly, you just assumed you'd be rockin' those sky highs forever.

    hanna_bcn / Via

    6. But, you found wearing high heels wasn't without its struggles...

    fashion_loveee01 / Via

    7. ...seriously.

    abc7newsbayarea / Via

    8. And, you know, pain...


    9. ...particularly if you're a touch ~clumsy~.

    __eleanorquance / Via

    10. And then you started to think, "Wait, WHY am I doing this to my poor feet?!"

    CurveBeam pedCAT / Via

    11. So you said "goodbye" to your high-heel-wearing days and welcomed the era of flats.

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    12. Sure, at first you were like, "Oh man, flat shoes aren't as ~fun~ as heels."

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    13. But then you realized they can actually be as much, if not MORE, fun than heels.

    niki_loves_fashion / Via

    14. And, TBH, your flats are just as pretty as a nice pair of heels, too.

    diane_cams / Via

    15. You're basically a low-key expert on making flats look chic AF.

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    16. Although you weirdly still own a lot of your old heels (they'll EVENTUALLY make it to Goodwill).

    bethann02 / Via

    17. On a very, very RARE occasion you might wear a pair of heels again.

    lifeoflayna / Whisper / Via

    18. But you can never wait to get back in your comfy shoes ASAP.

    chfandrea / Via

    19. You still appreciate a beautiful pair of heels and other people who rock the heck out of them.

    bealaarnima / Via

    20. And sometimes you find it hard to resist the urge to try on a cute pair now and then.

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    21. But you know, deep down, you won't be going back to high heels full time ever again because THIS is your new happy place.

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