21 Things You’ll Only Get If You’ve Given Up Wearing High Heels Entirely

    Flat out awesome.

    1. There was a time in your life where it was impossible to find you NOT wearing heels.

    2. You often thought, "Honestly? The higher, the better."

    3. And it was RARE to see you anywhere without heels on.

    4. Because you felt pretty indestructible when wearing heels.

    5. Frankly, you just assumed you'd be rockin' those sky highs forever.

    6. But, you found wearing high heels wasn't without its struggles...

    7. ...seriously.

    8. And, you know, pain...

    9. ...particularly if you're a touch ~clumsy~.

    10. And then you started to think, "Wait, WHY am I doing this to my poor feet?!"

    11. So you said "goodbye" to your high-heel-wearing days and welcomed the era of flats.

    12. Sure, at first you were like, "Oh man, flat shoes aren't as ~fun~ as heels."

    13. But then you realized they can actually be as much, if not MORE, fun than heels.

    14. And, TBH, your flats are just as pretty as a nice pair of heels, too.

    15. You're basically a low-key expert on making flats look chic AF.

    16. Although you weirdly still own a lot of your old heels (they'll EVENTUALLY make it to Goodwill).

    17. On a very, very RARE occasion you might wear a pair of heels again.

    18. But you can never wait to get back in your comfy shoes ASAP.

    19. You still appreciate a beautiful pair of heels and other people who rock the heck out of them.

    20. And sometimes you find it hard to resist the urge to try on a cute pair now and then.

    21. But you know, deep down, you won't be going back to high heels full time ever again because THIS is your new happy place.