This Is Why Coca-Cola Tastes Better From A Glass Bottle

    Wow, science. H/T MyRecipes

    Everyone has that ONE friend (or, IDK, maybe it's YOU?!) that's all, "Coke tastes WAY better from a glass bottle."

    The Coke bottle connoisseur: That one friend we all have who insists on drinking Coca-Cola only out of bottles.

    And, it turns out, that friend (or you) is not so full of shit!

    In a recent article from MyRecipes, writer Corey Williams broke down the three key reasons why Coke ~scientifically~ tastes better from a glass bottle. And it actually makes a lot of sense...

    1. First, plastic bottles and aluminum cans actually lose carbonation FASTER than glass bottles.

    2. The chemicals used in both plastic bottles and aluminum cans will affect the way the Coke tastes.

    3. And finally, glass really will not change the flavor unlike plastic or aluminum.

    So, there you have it folks. Same formula, different packaging, different results...

    coke in a glass bottle > can of coke > coke from a drinks fountain > coke regurgitated from a mother penguin > coke in a plastic bottle

    ...and a lifetime of arguing over which ~actually~ tastes best.