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17 Images Of Everyday Objects That'll Make You Say, "Oh, That's Actually Very Cool"

The iPhone's voice memo icon is actually the word apple?!

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1. This raincoat that reveals a flower pattern when it gets wet.

u/trashyfictions / Via

2. The snowflakes on this LAX airport sign being made up of little airplanes.

u/Martinbot / Via

3. The fact that there's actually a figure "8" on the 8 of diamonds card?!

4. This t-shirt tag that says it was "tested" on animals. (But, don't worry, NOT REALLY.)

bananarchy / Via

5. This very clever and very cute mini hot sauce tray on this pizza.

Theowlhoothoot / Via

6. And this pizza box that has a perforated lid that turns into pizza plates.

u/lasher576 / Via

7. These recycling containers that CLEARLY show what goes where.

u/woodenarch99 / Via

8. This bench that greets you...well, your ass, anyway.

u/millisecondm / Via

9. These traffic lights that make things A LOT clearer (because you KNOW some people need it).

10. Or even these ones that have an actual countdown.

u/casual_causality / Via

11. This PS4 console's screw that has the markings from the controller pad on it.

skeeeburt / Via

12. This shop that uses FROZEN COFFEE CUBES for iced coffee...GENIUS.

u/foreveradan / Via

13. These curtain rods that make sure you don't get that weird gap in the middle.

u/taharoto / Via

14. This clever slidey "open" sign that makes good use of the "N."

mediumbugger / Via

15. This can of beer that has a very small, but very relatable message.

u/BeefyRatio / Via

16. This WiFi symbol that represents the parts of a burger, too.

u/8PieceTendies / Via

17. And finally, the fact that the iPhone's voice memo icon is actually the word "Apple."

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