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    17 Questions I Have For People Who Like Cilantro

    Cilantro soup is just plain unacceptable.

    1. First of all, why would you want to ruin a perfectly good taco with cilantro?

    julatula / Via

    2. And why would you EVER want to have it on a sandwich or in a burrito?

    robsnowhite / Via

    3. You do realize the worst thing you can do to guacamole is add cilantro, right?

    momofkai / Via

    4. Like, do you not notice how OFFENSIVE this flavor is?!

    5. Why would you ever actually pay for something so yucky?

    streegy / Via

    6. Does the smallest bit of cilantro not make you feel sick to your stomach?

    team_empower_ / Via

    7. At the very least, don't you want to shove that garbage AWAY from the good food?

    thedesigngurl / Via

    8. I mean, how could you eat even one small piece of coriander garnish?

    sandra_bodhilox / Via

    9. Why do you not get pissed off when that giant, stringy mess shows up unexpectedly on your food...

    idetektiv / Via

    10., just COMPLETELY unannounced?

    gkmclaug / Via

    11. And then, how do you not pick off EVERY SINGLE PIECE of cilantro from your meal?

    lbcrox / Via

    12. Why wouldn't you make an attempt to throw out all the cilantro in the world?

    dawnydoesfitness / Via

    13. Do you not taste the nasty AF, soapy flavor?

    paperbirch / Via

    14. Why on earth would you think ~fresh~ cilantro would taste any better? Because, spoiler alert, it doesn't.

    scp79 / Via

    15. Do you not think this much cilantro is just regoddamndiculous?

    pixieclay / Via

    16. How about this?

    bearj29 / Via

    Is this image not DEEPLY troubling to you?

    welcom2ktown / Via

    17. And finally, what in the actual fuck is this?!

    chearthur / Via