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    17 Tweets About Pets That Will Make You Inexplicably Happy

    Fur a good time, read this.

    1. This loving cat:

    2. This unbearably sweet dog:

    3. This joyous pup:

    I thought this was @Sampai's dog at first

    4. This crazy relatable kitty:

    5. This picture perfect pup:

    6. These forgiving felines:

    7. This lil' guy in his ill-fitting vest...

    ...and his replacement well-fitting sweater:

    8. These baby kittehs just enjoying a tune:

    9. This sleepy sweetheart.

    10. This slightly naughty, but really just cute cat.

    11. This polite pup.

    12. This seriously determined feline.

    13. These clever cuties.

    14. This purrfectionist.

    15. These star-crossed sweeties.

    16. This helpful buddy.

    17. And finally, whoever this Hamilton-loving dog is.