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    21 British Foods I Desperately Wish We Had In America

    UK sandwiches > US sandwiches.

    1. The WIDE array of NICE sandwiches you can get at literally every convenience store, supermarket, chemist (pharmacy), and even gas station.

    2. And, more specifically, the fact that they have variety sandwich packs, which is perfect if you can't pick ONE!

    3. All the different types of crisps (chips, to Americans) they have — the flavors are far more unique and a lot more tasty!

    4. Scotch eggs that are already cooked and prepackaged.

    5. Chip butties, which is literally just a french fry sandwich.

    6. Also, bacon butties — again, literally a bacon sandwich.

    7. Cornish fucking pasties.

    8. Jammie Dodgers because they have a funny name and are also delish.

    9. Nando's! You may have heard a lot about this famous peri-peri chicken chain, and the hype is real.

    10. The endless variety of sausage rolls.

    11. Battered sausages — it's as bad for you as it sounds, but my god is it delicious.

    12. A proper fry up (or a full English breakfast, if you will) with eggs, sausage, bacon, fried tomato, sautéed mushrooms, toast, and beans...BEANS!

    13. While we're talking about breakfast, toast racks.


    15. Proper fish and chips from a chippy (fish and chip shop)...

    16. ...bonus points if you get bread and butter on the side with your fish and chips!

    17. Having tea with EVERYTHING — especially when it's chilly out.

    18. HP Sauce (also known as brown sauce) because it's like 100x better than plain ol' ketchup.

    19. The fact that you can get a filled baguette sandwich just about anywhere — in particular, coronation chicken baguettes!

    20. Lilt.

    21. And finally, any form of British chocolates — especially the Cadbury stuff.