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    16 Boyfriends Who Woke Up One Day And Chose Chaos Before "Cooking"

    I can't with these.

    Look, not everyone is great at cooking. And not everyone has "great" taste in food. And that's fine! But there are some people in this world who woke up one day and decided to choose chaos when it came to their food. These are those people, and each one of them happens to be someone's boyfriend. (My condolences to their partners.)

    1. Like this boyfriend who haphazardly wrapped up stir fry with a tortilla.

    My boyfriend (38M) thinks it's okay to make any food into a sandwich style meal. Here he offers you his Stir-fryjita. from shittyfoodporn

    2. And this boyfriend who thought this was appropriate.

    Toast, plain indomie noodles, and bbq sauce. My boyfriend is a cretin from shittyfoodporn

    3. This boyfriend who's gonna have a flamin' hot shit later.

    My boyfriend just sent me a picture of his dinner: Cheetos brand mac 'n cheese, on toast, topped with sriracha & Chester's flaming hot fries from shittyfoodporn

    4. This boyfriend who...I just can't.

    My boyfriend’s exclusive lunch - fish balls, macaroni and ketchup. from shittyfoodporn

    5. FOR REAL. WUT?

    Just found out my boyfriend eats pasta with ketchup (yes, this is ketchup only, no tomato sauce) from shittyfoodporn

    6. This boyfriend who got REAL creative.

    Gyoza with a Cheeto drizzle made by my high boyfriend from shittyfoodporn

    7. And this boyfriend who did not.

    My boyfriend made this 100% sober from shittyfoodporn

    8. This boyfriend who makes me ask, "How is this nostalgic?!"

    My boyfriend's go-to nostalgia/lazy meal, jalapeño tuna and hot cheeto sandwich. Fresh Dill to elevate. from shittyfoodporn

    9. This boyfriend who needs to stop. Now.

    Microwaved chips, a slice of cheese, and salami. My boyfriend’s take on nachos from shittyfoodporn

    10. This boyfriend who at least tried, but like, LOL.

    asked my boyfriend to bake the croissants for our dinner... from shittyfoodporn

    11. This boyfriend who apparently just wanted a gravy swamp.

    my boyfriend's chaotic rendition of bangers and mash from shittyfoodporn

    12. This boyfriend who needs to expand his palate.

    My boyfriend doesn't like tomato sauce on his noodles so this was his solution :/ from shittyfoodporn

    13. And this boyfriend who needs to reel it in.

    My boyfriend made this dinner for himself: Cabbage, previously-frozen meatballs, spicy corn salsa. This is a regular occurrence. from shittyfoodporn

    14. This boyfriend who needs a lesson on proportions.

    My boyfriend made me homemade ham and cheese sliders from shittyfoodporn

    15. This boyfriend who has apparently never come into contact with a sandwich before.

    Boyfriend made some lunch. Who cuts sandwiches like this? from shittyfoodporn

    16. And finally, this boyfriend who I have many, many questions for including, "Are...are those sardines or bananas?"

    What is wrong with my boyfriend? 😭 from shittyfoodporn

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