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    16 Boyfriends Who Woke Up One Day And Chose Chaos Before "Cooking"

    I can't with these.

    Look, not everyone is great at cooking. And not everyone has "great" taste in food. And that's fine! But there are some people in this world who woke up one day and decided to choose chaos when it came to their food. These are those people, and each one of them happens to be someone's boyfriend. (My condolences to their partners.)

    1. Like this boyfriend who haphazardly wrapped up stir fry with a tortilla.

    2. And this boyfriend who thought this was appropriate.

    3. This boyfriend who...I just can't.

    4. FOR REAL. WUT?

    5. This boyfriend who got REAL creative.

    6. And this boyfriend who did not.

    7. This boyfriend who makes me ask, "How is this nostalgic?!"

    8. This boyfriend who needs to stop. Now.

    9. This boyfriend who at least tried, but like, LOL.

    10. This boyfriend who apparently just wanted a gravy swamp.

    11. This boyfriend who needs to expand his palate.

    12. And this boyfriend who needs to reel it in.

    13. This boyfriend who needs a lesson on proportions.

    14. This boyfriend who has apparently never come into contact with a sandwich before.

    15. I can't...

    16. And finally, this boyfriend who I have many, many questions for including, "Are...are those sardines or bananas?"