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    17 Funny Boyfriends Who Are So Extra It's Actually Endearing

    Warning: Serious cuteness ahead!

    1. This boyfriend who bought his girlfriend a pair of goalie gloves because she's a "keeper."

    slizzers / Via


    2. This boyfriend who got a cake to celebrate his girlfriend breaking a major relationship milestone: the first fart.

    u/mindspread / Via

    "My new girlfriend said she'd never fart in front of me. She let one slip last night, so I got her a cake to celebrate."

    3. This boyfriend who moved as far away as possible when his S.O. complained they could actually hear him eating.

    lifeloveandwanderlust / Via

    Nothing like eating a bowl of cereal in the corner, behind the sofa, amirite?

    4. This boyfriend who was heard giggling to himself in the a very overflowing bubble bath.

    IAlwaysUpvoteAlwaysSunny / Via

    Very jealous, TBH.

    5. This boyfriend who just wanted his girlfriend's things to ~blend~ with his room.

    jbugmelody / Via

    I hear dragon eggs are great for chapped lips.

    6. This boyfriend who made a "fancy shmancy" dinner for his S.O.

    jennyflur / Via

    "He placed this in front of me and said 'Extinction' is served."

    7. And this boyfriend who promised a very similar "fancy" dinner for his date.

    sesdayi / Via

    Those are some nice ketchup zigzags, tho.

    8. This boyfriend who made breakfast in bed with a not-so-subtle hint.

    And they say romance is dead.

    9. This boyfriend who made the ~sweetest~ apology.

    Made with 100% banana peels. JK.

    10. This boyfriend who was VERY excited about getting bees.

    wilfredthedestroyer / Via

    "So my boyfriend is getting bees in the spring. It's February. I think he's a little excited."

    11. This boyfriend who gets a little "carried away" when watching Harry Potter.

    _warrior_princess_x / Via

    Because, DON'T WE ALL?

    12. This boyfriend who got his GF the ~golden retriever~ she wanted for her birthday.

    u/maddipotter28 / Via

    13. This boyfriend who fell down the stairs and decided to commemorate it instead of fixing it.

    Rwolinski / Via

    Ah, memories.

    14. This boyfriend who did a too real impression of their cat (who you can see in the background, ha!).

    bananadread / Via

    Also, LOL at the cat in the background like, "Da fuq?!"

    15. This boyfriend who loves a good prank, again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN.


    16. This boyfriend who took geek love to the next level and proposed to his boyfriend on the bridge of the Enterprise.

    capricajo / Via


    17. And finally, this boyfriend who painted his girlfriend's shoes, because...WHY NOT?!?!

    GUYS MY BOYFRIEND JUST PAINTED ME SHOES😭😍 what did i do to deserve this man