17 Boyfriend And Husband Fails That Are 50% Funny And 50% Annoying

    "Butt stuff???" — Kevin

    1. This boyfriend who trolled the heck out of his grammar-obsessed girlfriend:

    2. This husband who surprised his wife with an "18 carrot" necklace.

    3. This boyfriend who was asked to bring home "highlighter":

    4. This husband who committed a cardinal laundry sin:

    5. This boyfriend who needs a lesson in kitchen safety:

    6. This husband whose wife asked for her sandwich to be cut in half:

    7. This boyfriend who got the same Valentine's Day card as his girlfriend (aww), but had a totally different message (hmm):

    8. This husband who chose a rather rude time and place to play with the cat:

    9. This boyfriend who was asked to sharpen his girl's lipstick:

    10. This husband who ~gifted~ his wife with a way-too-real Sex After 40 book:

    11. This boyfriend who was asked to apply sunblock and took some liberties:

    12. And this one who was asked to take a ~nice~ photo, but...

    13. This husband who's been waiting several days for his wife to notice his nativity scene swap.

    14. This boyfriend who used a pen to try and pull one over on his GF:

    15. This husband who was way too hasty and decided to TEAR open the bag instead of, ya know, just using the flap?

    16. This boyfriend who took direction too literally when asked to "put a cover on it and put it in the fridge":

    17. And finally, this boyfriend who was too lazy to see his paper towel replacement duty all the way through: