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    17 Boyfriend And Husband Fails That Are 50% Funny And 50% Annoying

    "Butt stuff???" — Kevin

    1. This boyfriend who trolled the heck out of his grammar-obsessed girlfriend:

    u/BigLove69 / Via

    2. This husband who surprised his wife with an "18 carrot" necklace.

    DavidHawa / Via

    3. This boyfriend who was asked to bring home "highlighter":

    yvonmenon / Via

    4. This husband who committed a cardinal laundry sin:

    Jessie599 / Via

    5. This boyfriend who needs a lesson in kitchen safety:

    lyonslegit / Via

    6. This husband whose wife asked for her sandwich to be cut in half:

    u/leftnotracks / Via

    7. This boyfriend who got the same Valentine's Day card as his girlfriend (aww), but had a totally different message (hmm):

    u/mikokale / Via

    8. This husband who chose a rather rude time and place to play with the cat:

    u/whatwouldkobedo / Via

    9. This boyfriend who was asked to sharpen his girl's lipstick:

    CaliCrow / Via

    10. This husband who ~gifted~ his wife with a way-too-real Sex After 40 book:

    u/rumplexx / Via

    11. This boyfriend who was asked to apply sunblock and took some liberties:

    leo_wood_original / Via

    12. And this one who was asked to take a ~nice~ photo, but...

    nemi_johansen / Via

    13. This husband who's been waiting several days for his wife to notice his nativity scene swap.

    u/phitter72 / Via

    14. This boyfriend who used a pen to try and pull one over on his GF:

    rebeccaamark / Via

    15. This husband who was way too hasty and decided to TEAR open the bag instead of, ya know, just using the flap?

    PrematurePenguin / Via

    16. This boyfriend who took direction too literally when asked to "put a cover on it and put it in the fridge":

    ladylibra703 / Via

    17. And finally, this boyfriend who was too lazy to see his paper towel replacement duty all the way through:

    juliepalmerr / Via

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