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17 Boyfriends Who Apparently Have No Idea What They're Doing

Could be worse.

1. This boyfriend who insisted that he DID NOT have it:

u/niknak82276 / Via

2. This boyfriend who thought this would be funny, but is going to have a very displeased girlfriend in about 15–20 minutes:

3. This boyfriend who tried to pose for a cute photo, but OH BOY did it backfire:

4. This boyfriend who made a small mess much, much bigger:

My boyfriend tried to wipe a small mark off the wall and now we have the 4ft head of a haunted old man crying next to our bed.

5. This boyfriend who heard *A* penguin not *THE* Penguin:

u/rogingerlorde / Via

6. This boyfriend who tried to fry eggs and bacon not on a pan, but on a stone baking dish:

7. This boyfriend who did not return the favor of taking a nice photo:

u/s-poon / Via

8. This boyfriend who was overly confident in his tea-making skills:

9. And this boyfriend who attempted to make his first pot of coffee:

u/kyie734 / Via

10. This boyfriend who coincidentally got the same Valentine's Day card for his partner, but added QUITE a different message:

u/mikokale / Via

11. This girl's boyfriend, who attempted to do her makeup:

12. And this boyfriend who got TOO creative when sharpening his girl's makeup:

CaliCrow / Via

13. This boyfriend who was asked to make a potluck dish:

u/LadyMacDeath / Via

14. This boyfriend's fridge that is clean...a little TOO clean, and lacking in, oh, I don't know, food:

u/jlaw7747 / Via

15. This boyfriend who was supposed to give the dog JUST a trim:

u/dellpic / Via

16. This boyfriend who was allowed to pick the shower curtain:

u/BoaGirl / Via

17. And finally, this boyfriend who had just one simple job while dog-sitting and, well...:

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