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    17 Unintentionally Scary Images That Will Make You Say, "OMG" And Then, "Phew, Okay, It's Not THAT Bad"

    Nature really doesn't have to go this hard...

    1. Like these plants in South Africa (named Conophytum) that look like they have lips:

    green plants with pink middles that look like full lips

    2. This image taken at the exact moment a mosquito flew past the camera, thus creating a scene like something out of The Mist:

    a mosquito that looks huge, but is actually just up close

    3. The way this cat is sitting:

    A cat sitting on a bookcase, with its legs handing off the side

    4. These ants carrying a glove up a lamp post:

    A latex glove being carried by dozens of ants

    5. This dog with a wig:

    A white dog with a long black wig on its head

    6. This pitbull wearing a lion costume, that someone happened to come across while walking through a park:

    A dog walking on a path with a lion's mane costume, from behind it looks like a real lion


    front side of the dog, looking normal, with his ears sticking out from the lion costume

    7. These upside-down dried-out Aloe Ferox LEAVES that just washed up like that on shore:

    dried leaves upside down with what looks like LONG LEGS like they're walking on a beach

    8. This creepy AF figure that's definitely a backpack and not a demon shadow despite the way it looks:

    Silhouette of what looks like a person, but its just a bag on a bed

    9. This image of a MASSIVE swarm of birds blocking out the sun in Rome:

    thousands of birds in the sky, blocking out the sun over a busy highway

    10. These poorly placed boots that scared the person who actually left them there:

    a pair of rubber boots standing just outside a door, and the top part covered by curtains so it looks like someone is standing outside the door

    11. This reveal of what an owl looks like without its feathers:

    a very scrawny bird with bead like eyes

    12. This unintentionally scary shadow through some water bottles:

    two shadows from some water bottles that look like small children with menacing grins

    13. This hairclip that looks like a giant spider ready to jump out at you with its eight ~legs~:

    a hairclip on the top of a bedframe

    14. These panoramic pictures of people's dogs:

    15. The way the sky looks like a giant hell demon about to eat the world here:

    A giant cloud shaped like a face with the sun setting and creating a red glow

    16. This comforter tossed onto a chair that now looks straight out of a horror film:

    A comforter on a chair that looks like the shape of a person sitting in the chair

    17. And finally, this pleasant image of Christmas lights that turns out to be not-so-pleasant the closer you, IDK, maybe it's just a bird? STILL CREEPY:

    a picture of some trees at night and a little silhouette of what looks like a person in the branches

    H/T r/oddlyterrifying