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32 Important Things To Note From The New "Game Of Thrones" Preview

This post is dark and full of spoilers.

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Before we get crazy here, let me just warn you that this post 100% contains spoilers for the next couple of episodes of Game of Thrones. So, if you want to go into it as knowledgeless as Jon Snow...

Comic-Con is currently in full swing, which is good news for Thrones fans because HBO just released a brand new preview for Season 7 there. And you can watch it here:

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The new trailer covers all the shit that's going to go down in Episode 2, “Stormborn” and Episode 3, “The Queen’s Justice.” Some of this is stuff we've seen in the preview for this week's episode, but some of it is new, too!

1. Okay, so the first part of the trailer is pretty tame. We get a reminder that Daenerys has arrived in Dragonstone and is ready to kick some ass.

2. But then we see Samwell Tarly's jerk father pay homage to Cersei in King's Landing.


Cersei: "The Mad King's daughter will destroy the realm. We must stand together if we hope to stop her."

3. We also get our first look at the ~new~ Dickon Tarly, who has been recast this season. He's now being played by Black Sails star Tom Hopper.


Last season, Freddie Stroma of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince fame played Samwell's brother.

8. Littlefinger, meanwhile, is lurking in the shadows and probably thinking, I LOVE IT when people disagree with Jon Snow.

15. ...because the next thing we see is the Unsullied storming a castle — probably Casterly Rock based on the Lannister's sigil (plus the architecture doesn't seem to match the Red Keep).

22. Then what could MAYBE be Ser Davos (or Brienne?) being escorted up that treacherous path to Dragonstone.

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