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    You’ll Only Understand These 17 Things If You Love Listening To Sad Songs

    *Sad song comes on. Plays on repeat.*

    1. There's nothing you love more than crying to your favorite sad song.

    thedryginger / Via

    2. Because you know the TRUE purpose of listening to sad music is to FEED your pre-existing sadness.

    3. Seriously.

    4. You hate it when people say sad music is ~unhealthy~...

    5. ...because you know the truth.

    6. TBH, sad music can make you feel really relaxed.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Warner Bros.

    7. And it's something you crave doing.

    8. Of course, you want ZERO interruptions while listening to sad music.

    9. And there's nothing WORSE than when it happens.

    10. You prefer listening to sad music by yourself.

    11. Because sometimes you just want to cry over the most mundane things.

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / NBC

    12. You make sure you have sad music nearby at all times.

    impossiblyaesthetic / Via

    13. In fact, you've often wondered if the ONLY music you own is sad.

    14. You've tried using sad music to help you through ~other~ situations.

    15. Your friends and family have definitely noticed how much you love sad music (and that's okay!).

    16. You can immediately think of the perfect song for any situation ~sad~ situation.

    17. And if you ever meet someone who shares your love of the same sad music, well...

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Fox Searchlight